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Custom Team Apparel

 3 Easy Steps To Ordering Our Custom Uniforms:

1.   Select your preferred style of uniforms.

2. Email us your logo, team name, colors, sponsors, or any other pertinent information. If you don't have any logos yet we will create one for you!

3. Our designers will create a design sample and send it to you for approval. Once you approve, you will receive your custom made uniforms in 2-3 weeks.  

We have the fastest turn around time and the best prices guaranteed!!!!

About our Custom Sublimated Uniforms

So, what is sublimation? Well, simply put, sublimation is a process by which sublimation dyes are printed onto a transfer medium with a specially prepared inkjet printer. Thereafter, those dyes are then transferred from the medium to an object or garment under the heat and pressure delivered by a commercial heat press. Sublimation only works on garments made of polyester, or on specialty objects made of polyester or given a polyester coating. When the heat and pressure are applied, the dye on the transfer medium sublimates, or becomes a gas, and is then absorbed into the polyester itself; the print is actually a part of the garment/coating. It doesn’t fade easily, wear, or have any texture or weight.


Unlimited colors with no added cost

Produces vibrant colors, making it perfect for photographic images

Ability to create complex all-over print designs on the front and back of your uniform


You can’t feel the print at all

Sublimation print will not crack, peel, or fade!